Friday, May 9, 2008

MEME time!!!!

Liz, Sarah, Brooke, Michelle Flynn, and Amanda (Shamlessly Sassy)- I am tagging YOU!!!!! Sorry Ladies- but this was a fun one!!! :P

MAYBE I SHOULD: Start thinking about what P and I are having for dinner :)
I LOVE THE SMELL OF: Rain, and Paisley(anytime)
PEOPLE SAY THAT I AM: very friendly and outgoing- I agree.
I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY: Toddlers can't feed themselves.
WHEN I WAKE UP IN THE MORNING: I wish I could sleep for twn more minutes.
LIFE IS LIKE: A Rollercoaster.
MY PAST: Is a great story- ask me, I'll tell.
I GET ANNOYED WHEN: I have to tell Paisley to do something (or to NOT do something) 15 times, and she gets it on the 16th time.
PARITES ARE: So much fun planning. Paisleys 3rd B-day is almost all planned!!!
DOGS: Are a mans best friend. A womans too.
CATS: Are overgrown bathroom rugs with legs.
TOMORROW IS: One day closer to our cruise!!!!
I HAVE: A freckle on my back that is worrying me.
I'M TOTALLY: Annoyed with the "Wow Wow Wubzy" song and the "Wonder Pets" song- although Paisley sings them both so cute!!!
I WONDER: WHy I have so much snot in my nose.
NEVER IN MY LIFE: Have I been this in Love.
HIGH SCHOOL: Was ummm.... interesting. Lot's of firsts :)
WHEN I'M NERVOUS: I honestly don't know- I never get nervous. :0
TAKE MY ADVICE: Keeping your child up later does not infact make them sleep in longer in the morning.
MAKING MY BED: Is not on my top 2 priorities in the morning.
I'M ALMOST ALWAYS: THinking if whatever was currently happening, would make a good blog post. :)
I'M ADDICTED TO: Pony tails, Golden Spoon, and Kisses from Paisley.
I WANT SOMEONE: To lose the weight for me, and cook me a healthy and delicious dinner EVERY day. :) Three times a day. Plus snacks. :)


brooke2916 said...

I CANNOT believe you called cats bathroom rugs!! That's horrible! And you are TOTALLY right about keeping kids up later... Last night Logan would NOT go to sleep and Shane let him crawl in bed with us until 9:40!! What time did booger-boy wake up? 6am, LIKE USUAL!

Our Family of Four said...

Maggie has a one day sleep delay... if she goes to bed late she'll wake up at normal time the following morning but the morning AFTER that she'll sleep late. It's very consistent so if I want her to sleep in I need 2 days notice!

Oh and K. if you want someone to make all your food go to I did it while Mike was in Iraq and it was FABULOUS! Plus I lost 10 pounds and 15% body fat!

Shamelessly Sassy said...

MAYBE I SHOULD:clean up the piles of boxes in my garage.
I LOVE THE SMELL OF: gasoline (which is really strange, i know.)
PEOPLE SAY THAT I AM: a person with the same personality of Juno.
I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY: my husband can't put his damn clothes in the dirty laundry and not the floor.
WHEN I WAKE UP IN THE MORNING: I am bone tired because my daughter has been boycotting sleep.
I LOST MY WILL POWER TO: eat healthy.
LIFE IS LIKE: a Sine curve
MY PAST: is not flagrantly outrageous, but still interesting and telling.
I GET ANNOYED WHEN:strangers ask me multiple questions. Like when I was pregnant and everyone would continuously ask me what I was naming my baby.
PARITES ARE: fun, but it depends on the company. I am one of those people who must know the guest list before I show up. Not because I'm snobby, but because I hate awkwardly running into people I dislike.
DOGS: never had one.
CATS: rescued one once.
TOMORROW IS:Motha's day. Hell yeah.
I HAVE: time to nap, but can't sleep.
I'M TOTALLY: awesome.
I WONDER: why people find bony collar bones sticking out attractive.
NEVER IN MY LIFE: have I done drugs
HIGH SCHOOL: was fun.
WHEN I'M NERVOUS: I get stomach aches and have to poop.
ONE TIME AT A FAMILY GATHERING: my husband had his fly unzipped the whole time.
TAKE MY ADVICE: sometimes it's not worth it.
MAKING MY BED: is rarely, if ever, accomplished. And I could care less. What's a made bed anyways?
I'M ALMOST ALWAYS: either peeing or taking my daughter to pee. We need new bladder.
I'M ADDICTED TO: Diet Pepsi, Victoria Secret Pink Fresh& Clean lotion, sniffing candles, reading, my computer and my family.
I WANT SOMEONE: To lose the weight for me, and cook me a healthy and delicious dinner EVERY day. :) Three times a day. Plus snacks. :) (All of that sounds perfect to me.)

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