Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Ship Has Set Sail

Well ladies and gentelmen. Tomorrow at 4pm- I will be crusin down the pacific with a Vodka Tonic in hand my left hand, and a camera in my right. :) Tommy and I are SOOO excited... we decided to take the Coaster down instead of having Debbie, my Mother in Law, drive us down and having Paisley say goodbye at the Boat- which she has been very excited about. I felt like it would be too upsetting. So, a little train time will be nice!! :)

Today, well.... the past week actually, Tommy and I have been on a wild goose hunt for some new and improved softwear and memory sticks for my computer- today, we finally tracked it all down. It only took 5 Best Buy trips and two different locations... and we got it. However, now- my disk wont read- and I might have to go BACK to the Encinitas one- and get a new disk. TOMORROW. Like, right before our Coaster takes off. All of this was JUST so my Lover Boy could have his new iPod to listen to and workout too for the cruise!!! Ok, Ok, me too- since I got a new one today for Mutha's Day. :) BUT...... I have been on the computer trouble shooting- emailing automated support groups, emailing friends with any knowledge on MAC's.... and I have a boat load of stuff to do. (Pun FULLY intended!) SO, I better go.... I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL week. I will not be checking my emails or blog- so send me lots of love, so when I come home, I know all ya'll missed me! :)

Until Next Time!


brooke2916 said...

We're going to miss you bunches!!!!! Have a wonderful time, drink a whole bunch, be naughty, dance, get a tan, drink a bit more, explore... and take a TON of photos!!

Love you!!

Lizzie Fish said...

come home come home come home

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