Sunday, October 5, 2008

This post only needs 3 words:

We have Rats.

T set up 4 traps last night, 3 were set off with the food gone, and one trap is missing. These little F@$#%!* are brave. I just peaked my head in the garage to see if I saw anything, and one jumped out of my beach bag that was hanging on the wall. I screamed like a little girl. Yesterday we came to the conclusion that they are coming in our garage to eat Mocha Bunny's food. Mocha is moving to her new home today. I CAN NOT have rats. They FREAK me out. Yesterday Tommy saw one- I'm hoping that that is all there is. He said it was HUUUUUUUGE. That freaks me out even more. I'm pretty much not going into the garage until they are gone. I'll park my car in the driveway if I have too. I'm disgusted. Thank God they are not in my house, or running in our walls. I think I would have to go live at my Moms house In Santa Barbara until they were gone.

Anyone got any ideas how to kill these little F@#$%*# ?

**EDIT** I decided to be ambitious, and set up two traps on my own. I only snapped my thumb 3 times. Pretty good for an amateur !


Lizzie Fish said...

did you get the poison? if you get it and put water outside they should go OUT to drink it and then they can die out know that song from the beginning of office space? yeah...I HATE VERMIN!

Kalyn said...

no- I got the traps. Icky- Eewy- bad, traps. I have always been against torture like that (once in college, it caught a baby mouse by it's toe. I felt AWFUL!) but when they are in MY home. Where MY baby sleeps. And decide to play in MY clean laundry (yes, it was on top of the dryer) then it's a whole different ball game.

Kate said...

Well, we had a MAJOR mice problem in our old house. We got the poison-decon- and put it in the eaves and the stupid things moved it across the unfinished upstairs to a pile of my stored winter sweaters. We were up there designing renovation plans and my black lab ATE the DECON that was hiding in the sweaters-$1000 later and a late night trip to the Vet ER-she was fine but it happened again in a different area of the house 2 weeks later. Our dog is now worth a lot and almost died TWICE because of the poison-SO BE CAREFUL-REALLY CAREFUL-that stuff doesn't only kill rats and mice and we THOUGHT we were being so careful about where we placed it not realizing they move it around....We ended up getting some sort of plug in thing that sent off a high pitched sound that only the rodents could hear and they don't like it and leave. We also had to do the traps for the stubborn ones who got in anyways. But, yes, it's gross and gives me the creeps too. And they were IN MY HOUSE, WALLS, BASEMENT-ugh......GOOD LUCK!

Steph said...

UGH!!! RATS?? Nasty! I feel horrible for you!

A few months ago I had a mouse problem...they were in my garage...but they were climbing into the trunk of my car and having a poop feast in there. So - there were traps all over the place. Some times they were super crafty and get the cheese or peanut butter off with out getting SNAPPED. My dad told me to go buy those sticky pads - and I asked "what do you do when they get stuck on there and are still alive?" - and he said, "you take the trap and you turn it over and STOMP on it!" I almost died!!! NO WAY!!! I feel like a quick snap of the neck is way less horrible.

I feel for you - I hope you get those nasty things SOON!!!

Oh - and by the way - CONGRATS on your weight loss and gym success!!! :)

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