Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I can go on and on..

Is it just me or are couples on TV shows just over the top? I was watching one of my favorite shows "Privileged" and Megan and Will, the two I'm referring to, were so much and perfect, it made me sick! Please don't mistake this for a pessimistic post, I am a positive person. A positive person driven by Love. However, I couldn't help buy laugh at some of the lovey dovey conversations between the two of them. Like C'mon..... what man comes back to you after you walk away after just saying it's over, and says "I'm sorry I've been so grouchy, you were right to feel the way you did...... come with me, I have a surprise for you......" As she opens her eyes to Pastrami sandwiches flown in from Carnegie Deli, A man Roasting Chestnuts (flown in from Paris) and a 30 foot Christmas tree. Because he was "Sorry" that he was "Grouchy"
Gotta love TV!

Have I told you about my Lil' Saint? Have I told you that she is 3 years old, says Grace at the table, says her prayers every night before bed, ASKS me to read her the Bible instead of funny Duckie books, and sings Baby Jesus songs to me all day long? Have I told you that she says "Baby Jesus makes my heart happy" ?! Yeah- that's my little Paisley, and somewhere down the road- she has become a Saint. God knows it wasn't from Tommy or I. Maybe this is God's way of showing me what it was like to be a good girl, knowing perfectly well that I would have no idea what that looks like :)

Also, yesterday Paisley told me that she does not want a pet. She says she only wants a kitty (that Tommy and I are DEATHLY allergic to) and that she never ever wants a dog. Hmm.... I guess there goes next years Christmas present!

Oh, one more thing: Today- I have officially lost just over 13 lbs. :) YAY me! :)


Our Family of Four said...

I'm so proud of you!!!

Anonymous said...

That Paisley is too much! "Baby Jesus makes my heart happy" prayers before dinner and at bedtime.....too cute. Way to go on that weight loss-yippee!!! That is so awesome and you totally deserve the rewards after all your hard work! You are my inspiration! -Kate

Lizzie Fish said...

yay you!

Steph said...

Ooohh - your little girl is not only beautiful, but she has a beautiful heart!! So sweet!! :)

And YAY for you!!! That is AWESOME!!! Keep up the good work!!!

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