Monday, December 1, 2008

Not Me Monday

SO... I am giving it a try.

Today when we went to see Santa, and Paisley did not want to go in, I did not tell her she wont get any gifts from him just so I could get a photo of her with him. Because that would be untrue, un-holiday like, and down right mean to say to your 3 year old. Nope. Not me.

When I read Liz's blog today on cleaning your grout- I did not ask myself how long it has been since I cleaned the grout with a toothbrush in my house. No I didn't. I should know that it (wasn't) was just last weekend. (Wasn't)

Today I did not tell Paisley Mommy was sick, so I could have 10, I mean, 20, I mean 30 minutes more of my warm snuggly bed before I had to get up, drink some coffee to wake up, then get ready for our day. *Which turned out to be VERY unproductive. Nope- Not me. *See above*

When Paisley scrapped her leg on the curb, I did not tell her we could go get ice cream to make it better just so I could get myself some "Golden Foon" That would be bad to teach my child that Ice Cream makes it better, and that would be selfish of me to think about me getting some yummy, delicious, soft serve ice cream rather than kissing her scraped leg and making it better.


Our Family of Four said...

LUV IT! You and Anna are so clever. Maybe one of the Monday's I'll give it a try because they always make me smile. Thanks!

Lizzie Fish said...

wait, so did you or did you not clean grout with a toothbrush last week?

Kalyn said...

I DIDN'T!!!!!! :) I use other products, just not a toothbrush. We only have grout on our kitchen counters, so it's not like it's a lot. :)

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