Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Yay For Favorites

Two of my favorite things:

1. Handmade slippers, sold at a church craft fair.

2. Coke Zero Minis. 8 oz.


Lizzie Fish said...

adorable and yummmm

Anna said...

omg i love those slippers!

Kalyn said...

meeee toooo.... my MIL's Mom gave them to her, and my MIL didn't like them. I about flipped my lid when I saw them. So she gave them to me! :) *SOCRE* They are not only SOOO comfortable, but they are cute, quirky, and made by a lil' ol lady somewhere!!!


brooke2916 said...

OMG, look how cute your feet are!!

I'm still not a coke zero lover... I still think it tastes funny. If I'm going for a soda, I'll stick with The Real Thing :)

Anonymous said...

I vote for the slippers!! LOVE them! Personally, the ONLY time I ever drink coke is when I was pregnant to ward of pregnancy hormone headaches-it worked like a charm but I'm not soda gal. -kate
-I know the anonymous postings are annoying but I can't remember my blogger passwords and well, it's just easier!

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