Thursday, May 14, 2009

Green Is The New Black... Thumb That Is.

Unlike one of my closest, dearest friends black thumb, I, a once black thumb gone green, am growing some vegetables!!! I have 9 Zucchinis and about 7 Yellow (Straight & Crook Neck) Squash. I have about 4 radish plants sprouting over 15 red radishes, 3 lettuce plants, and 3 spinaches. We also have 2 soon-to-be red tomato's. THEN..... we have had 3 juicy strawberries and there are about 5 about to turn red! My carrots and cucumbers are so far the slowest. THey are the ones we grew from seeds- and so far they are still alive and growing, but no vegetable life is seen. I'm kinda excited. I just want to bite into that big tomato and eat some home grown veggies!!! Spray on some zero butter, add some spike..... there is nothing better! :)

Yesterday I planted 3 containers of Marigolds. Paisley loves them. She thinks they are happy flowers. I put some in pots for my front door and the rest went into our flower bed. I am having so much fun planting.... I need to try and hold off the urge to re do our front entry area b/c we wont be living here at Christmas time. I don't want to invest even more time and money into a home we wont be living in. Ya know what I mean?


Ghia said...

where will you be at christmas? you moving?

Kalyn said...

We will have bought a home by then. If everything goes accordingly!!!

Wait a minute... where the hell have you been missy??

Ghia said...

on vacation after vacation after vacation...i'm here a while. Let's play!

Anna said...

I'm glad you are enjoying your newly found green thumb! Isabel and I planted some sunflowers and we finally are seeing them come up! So exciting! I hope at least one of them gets huge and we can pick the seeds out!

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