Saturday, May 30, 2009

In Tha' Hood....... MotherHOOD That Is!

One thing that I keep hearing lately is Mothers pushing themselves to the edge? Why do we not allow ourself to relax or put the house cleaning off for a day? (Well I dunno about you all- but sometimes I put my house cleaning off for 2 days! ) Why don't we spend more time with the things that matter, our kids and husbands? I have heard it in 3 different places this week. One of the places was on Oprah. Did you guys see the show on "The Secret Lives of Motherhood"? It was awesome!!! It was all about how Mothers sometimes don't like what they do- and that it is okay to feel that way. That sometimes we "hate" where our lives have gone and all the things we have given up to get here. Some Moms admitted to lying to their children to avoid conflict. We all do one or more of the things I just mentioned, we're just afraid to admit it!!! I'm breaking the ice and opening up! :)

Take last night for example; I had a spontaneous moment and thought it would be fun to go to Sea World. I had glanced at the website and saw that Summer Hours were now in effect. I told Paisley we could go to Sea World after we dropped her Daddy off at the airport and she was ecstatic!!! I figured we could get in a solid 2 hours of fun before closing. So, I got dressed and then got her dressed and ready. Just as I shut down my computer, I noticed it said "Orlando" in the top left hand corner of my screen. My computer screen went black and I thought to myself " Hmmm.... was I just on Orlandos webpage? Orlando and San Diego park hours can't be that different, can they?" Being the smart Mommy that I am, I re logged on, and checked San Diego's Sea World park hours. To my surprise, they closed at 7:30pm. It was 7:00.

I quickly panicked and imagined the meltdown that was about to happen. I walked up to Paisley and told her that Shamu was sick, and that he had the sneezies! WHAT???!!! The "Sneezies"? What kind of lie was that? Whatever it was, it worked! She said she felt bad for Shamu, and that he needed to take his medicine so he could feel better. She told me that is was okay, and that we would see him another time! *WHEW* That was easier than I though! :) Am I going to Hell? Or am I getting a Mommy Award? Mothers tell lies all the time. Sometimes it is what you gotta do to get through the day!

I love being a Mother. It is the best, but hardest job there is. I have worked as a server, as a nanny, as an activity coordinator, I worked at a yogurt shop, a paper goods store- I have yet to find a job harder or one that does not include anything in my day to day tasks of being a mother. Have I let go of some of the things that once made "Me" ? Yes. Have I lost close friends due to a difference in life paths? Yes. Have I stopped shopping at Urban Outfitters and Nordstroms ? Yes. Everything I have lost or given up is what makes me the Mom I am today, and I guess at the end of the day, all that matters is that I love my little girl, and she loves me.


Anna said...

I agree with you! There are times I see other friends my age going out constantly without a care in the world for anyone but themselves, and think "that must be nice". But then I check in on my two little sleeping angels before I go to bed way earlier than all them probably and am happy I have the life I have! Partying is over-rated anyway! :)

Lizzie Fish said...

i love you =)

what happened to your blog?

Kalyn said...

You no likey my blog?

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